studio-selfie-014Facilitation can be simple and subtle or complex and subtle, but I think it’s always subtle. Sure, there are the obvious aspects to it:

  • Timeboxing
  • Preparing an agenda
  • Managing the process
  • Helping people talk

And then there’s the less obvious stuff.  I wrote a lot about this in my blog, if you’re inclined to go read it. What it comes down to is understanding how people behave, some of why they behave that way, and having the tools to deal with those behaviors.

I talk about preemptive, intervention, and corrective tools. Those are the tools I bring into play when I know that there’s likely to be a situation, when a situation has arisen and is happening right now, or a situation has occurred and I want to help the group recover.

Good facilitation incorporates the process, the people, the tools, and a mindset that is focused on the success of the group.

Try me.


P.S. I don’t just do it, I teach it and coach it. Maybe what you want is to develop these skills in yourself, or in the people in your organization. That’s fine with me.

P.P.S. Maybe you’ve heard of Open Space Technology, and have considered having an Open Space event. I’m a recognized expert Open Space facilitator. I’ll work with you before the event to craft your invitation, plan the event, facilitate the event, and wrap up afterward.