What people say

We were looking for an Agile consultant to help us build capability in our organization and kick off our first Agile project team in Human Resources.  Doc helped us by coming into our company and training up to 30 of our HR employees on what Agile is and could look like when used for HR projects/processes.  By the end of our first day together with Doc it was clear that we needed to take a different training approach with our HR training group.  The concepts were very new to us and we were getting a bit lost and frustrated. We needed to think about it in the context of our own functional (non-IT) projects. 

Doc came in the 2nd day of training with a new game plan so that we could learn the Agile concepts and start discussing and even applying them to our current work in HR.  It was truly an example of being agile. The shift in the engagement and excitement in the room was obvious to all.  By the end of our time with Doc, we felt like something truly unique and special had occurred for those of us that had this shared experience.   

Doc’s background and experience allowed him to pivot his approach in the moment, learn about our work, and determine what types of practices would work well for our work. He then got us involved in thinking about the challenges and opportunities that exist as we start to build our first Agile team.

I would highly recommend Doc if you are looking for someone that knows everything there is to know about Agile, but is open to flexing and applying what will work best for your company, teams, and projects.  He is highly engaged in your success, helps you build skills while doing the work and always has a funny story for you.

Erica Kettmann
Director, Global HR PMO and Operations, Gap Inc.

In my 20+ years career, I have met and worked with several coaches and trainers. There are a very few that I would consider to be in that top tier of coaches. Doc is certainly one of them.

The passion and commitment Doc demonstrates in his craft is extraordinary. He provides the perfect balance between theory and what is pragmatic, customized to your practice’s challenges and gaps. What you’ll find is that 5 days of coaching and training will go by in the blink of an eye because the team will be so engaged in the content and activities being presented. And after those 5 days, you find that all of your learning objectives have been completed, and you’ll be well positioned to take what was learned, and immediately apply it; something so many coaches claim to provide, but that so very few actually accomplish.

There is no doubt I would recommend Doc for any agile coaching needs you may have. I will certainly call on him again.

David Jarmoluk
Chief Technology Advisor and Executive Consultant at Healthcare TTU, Inc.

I have found that Doc is extremely knowledgeable in the area of agile mindset and practices. He is passionate and witty with a cunning ability to articulate his thoughts. Doc’s presentation skills are unmatched. He demonstrates a high level of expertise, is playful, and quickly gains the participants attention.

As a mentor, Doc is inviting with the keen ability to allow the individual understand the effects of their behavior without judging them.

Through my interactions with Doc, I have grown and am richer for the experience.

Chad Moore
Agile Coach at Caterpillar Inc.

I have been to over 10 training classes in the past few years and Doc has been – by far – the most engaging, creative, and approachable trainer to date. His ability to guide the class through Agile in a thoughtful and engrossing manner, utilizing multiple teaching techniques, ensures students of all learning styles come away with a holistic understanding of the topic. Not satisfied with just engaging in class, he made himself available after the class to engage in discussion concerning any topic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Doc for any Agile engagement.

William Preston
Consultant and MBA Candidate